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With the growing popularity of UFC, it’s no surprise that the interest in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is booming as well. BJJ is a sport with a very high learning curve, so learning the best BJJ training techniques will help you gain some skills much quicker.

BJJ is a sport that is great for everyone, and for so many different reasons. It benefits women with great self-defense moves, it teaches problem-solving skills to kids, builds confidence and strength in teens, and is great conditioning for everyone.

The problem is, with BJJ training having such a high learning curve, it can be very difficult to gain the skills quickly. So how do you get ahead of your competition and show them what you got?

Keep on reading as we break down the best BJJ training techniques to spark your excitement and help you to gain some skills.

Let’s get started!

The Leg Sweep

The foot or leg sweep is one of the most versatile, basic, yet important moves in no-GI BJJ because it is how you are going to get your opponent to the floor and start rolling. It is the most commonly used trip because it takes very little effort and receives very good results.

Basically, you are taking away the weight from the foot of your opponent, as you pull or push them away from their center of gravity, causing them to fall. This move can either by offensive or defensive and can help you get to the floor, where your strong suit should be.

There are a variety of foot sweeps to learn and we will cover the most common styles. 

Inside Foot Sweep

Where your foot comes across your body to make contact with your opponent’s foot while they are in motion. This basically throws their step off balance by lengthening their step and causing them to fall at your mercy.

Outside Foot Sweep

Where your foot meets the outside of your opponent’s foot as they are mid-step and you bring it across their body.

Both styles rely on timing and efficiency to execute them properly. The foot sweep works in many different scenarios, with many different rules applied. We work on foot sweeps in our no-GI class, check out our schedule for more information.


Shrimping is a simple move that can save you from being taken down by your opponent. It gives you space and allows you to move where you have more control. 

Basically, it starts with you planting one foot close to your hips, with the other one straight. Then you turn to the opposite side of that planted foot while you tighten your core and pull your hips back as you push off your opponent. Then you switch to the other side and repeat.

BJJ Grip Trainer

In BJJ training, it is essential to have a strong grip so that you can grab ahold of your partner’s GI and take them down. One of the most common complaints from athletes is that their grip is not tight enough, causing them to lose their grip and go into submission. This can also cause pain in the forearms as you try and grip tighter with a weak grip.

One confusion with a weak grip is that most people think that means they have to train more to strengthen it when it is actually the opposite that will make them stronger. A weak grip is a good sign that you are overtraining, so take the day off from training, and just work on your grip with specific exercises.

As long as the grip training imitates the grips in BJJ training, it will help you tighten your grip appropriately.

Some grip training exercises are:

  • Chin ups- Perform a regular chin up, then try using a towel over the bar and pulling up with that using different Gi grips
  • Kettlebell walks- Loop your Gi or towel through the kettlebell, then walk for 20-30 steps with it at your side as you hold on to both ends of the Gi like a bag
  • Partner Pull-ups- Have your partner stand over you while you are laying on the ground, grab ahold of their lapels as you pull yourself up
  • Grip-only fighting
  • Deadlifts- This will not only strengthen your grip, but it will also improve your overall power and strength

Add these exercises on top of your BJJ training and you will increase your grip in no time. 

Arm Bar

The armbar is a very secure way to get your opponent to tap out quickly because if they do not tap out, you could break their arm. If you are a fan of UFC, you will have seen many armbars executed, and see very little escapes from them.

  1. With your opponent on the ground, hold their wrist up, with the wrist facing upwards
  2. Swing one leg over their neck and the other around their waist so that their elbow and arm is between your legs
  3. Squeeze your legs together and towards their body as you fall back with their straight arm tightly against you. Your glutes should be nearly against their shoulder so that they do not escape
  4. Simultaneously apply pressure to their body from pushing your hips up, as you pull their wrist into your chest

This exercise is not to be taken lightly and can cause injury if you are performing it incorrectly, make sure you are learning under supervision from a coach.

Learn More BJJ Training Techniques Like These

If these BJJ training techniques got you really excited to learn more, feel free to contact us to set up a time where you can come in and learn them in person.

You will be under supervision with our very experienced trainers, working on every step of all these movements, and more!