Did you know Brazilian ju jitsu didn’t arrive in the UFC until 1993 when Royce Gracie used grappling techniques against numerous opponents and emerged victorious?

Even so, the martial arts didn’t grow until 2003 when UFC inducted Gracie into the hall of fame.

Since then, BJJ has been experiencing a boost in popularity all over the world. Because of this, you’ll now likely encounter a dojo practicing this form of martial arts in your neighborhood.

However, you might wonder what benefits you can gain from trying out this sport. Is it worth the pain and exhaustion? Find out below how BJJ can improve your daily lives.

1. It Trains Your Whole Body and Mind

Learning jiu-jitsu is a great way to lose weight. Although much of the sparring time consists of staring into your opponent, executing its moves trains the whole body as grappling is an intense workout.

A session includes stretching, breathing, cardiovascular training, and more. Getting hit over and over will also enable you to toughen up, which will make your body absorb hits a lot better.

It also toughens the mind. In jiu-jitsu, opponents bigger than you will back you to a corner often. Size doesn’t matter as much in this sports, though, as you can overpower someone twice your size.

2. You Learn Self-Defense Techniques

Proper self-defense techniques don’t consist of hitting and then hoping for luck. It involves targeting the key areas in the body and then doing moves to incapacitate the attacker or remove immediate threats, such as a gun. It’s about controlling the space between you and making sure you’re not at a disadvantageous place.

These are the fundamental aspects of jiu-jitsu, which makes it some of the best martial arts to learn for self-preservation. This is also why many police offices learn moves developed from BJJ techniques.

3. You Learn Falling Skills

In jiu-jitsu, you will fall down a lot as your opponents try to trip you and sweep your feet off numerous times in 1 session. If you don’t know how to fall the proper way, this can result in a lot of injuries even with safety gears.

This is why new students will learn how to do so without getting hurt. This is a skill you can use in your everyday life, especially if you find yourself tripping a lot.

It might even be more useful than your self-defense skills. You’re more likely to trip or fall down than to encounter a bad guy.

4. It Hones Your Problem Solving Skills

Jiu-jitsu is all about technique and strategy – much like a game of chess. Aside from your physical form, it also takes into account your mental prowess. In this sport, you have to think several moves ahead and making sure your body will follow.

As you practice, you’ll be able to hone your critical thinking skills. Your next moves will depend on your opponent’s moves; you’ll have to decide in a second what move to execute. Then you’ll also have to think about how your opponent will react, which might vary depending on their character.

5. It Teaches You Discipline

Sports, in general, require discipline for you to get better. You’ll need a lot of discipline for exercising alone, making sure you eat right and complete your regimen. During training, you’ll need some more as you figure out how to beat your opponent.

During practice, you have to stay focus to read the opponent’s Brazilian jiu-jitsu moves. This will dictate your next moves; will you execute a lock or will you throw him/her to the ground?

You’ll need to execute these moves with the right precision. Otherwise, they will be unsuccessful if you get the timing wrong. In this context, you need patience and self-discipline to get the timing and rhythm right.

This makes BJJ a great program for kids. They get to master discipline and self-control at an early age.

6. It Promotes Persistence

In the beginning, you’ll fall down a lot, and you might not even feel like you’re making progress. Despite so, you’ll keep coming back even if that means more bruises for you.

In time, though, you’ll notice you’re lasting longer in sparring sessions and your opponent is not tossing you around as much as they used to. As time goes on, you might even become the one to toss your opponents around.

This is what happens when you work hard and when you don’t give up. Jiu-jitsu teaches you to get back up every time you fall, which is a lesson you can apply to other areas of your life.

7. It Gives You Confidence

The skills you’ll learn along the way will give you more confidence even in everyday situations. You know you’ll be able to hold your own against an average person and some of your other fears.

Because of jiu-jitsu, you may be more inclined to face your other fears. After all, you face your fears and withstand the bruises each time you come in for training.

Setting some goals and then hitting them will improve your self-confidence, which, in turn, will make your performance better. Your good physical condition, along with respect to your own abilities, will also help you gain more self-confidence.

8. Brazilian Ju Jitsu is Fun

In spite of the tough, exhausting, and painful sessions, learning jiu-jitsu can be fun. Even if you don’t compete and get the satisfaction of winning, training can be pretty addictive.

Taking classes is also a way to meet new friends from all walks of life. Doctors, lawyers, athletes, teachers, business owners, and more are quite common to see in a class.

These people could be your lifelong friends, and they’re a big reason why this sport can be addictive.

Take Ju Jitsu Classes Now

Brazilian ju jitsu is great for all ages and everyone with any skill level. In fact, it’s good to train your kids while they’re young so they can gain these skills as they’re growing up.

Found this convincing? Are you interested in giving it a try? If you want to jump in, contact us today!